Corporate Social Responsibility

While Macfix was engaging in business operation, we also took corporate social responsibility into account. Our ultimate goal is to meet a balance between the corporate profit, staff, community and society welfare and environmental protection.

We Value

  • Human Right
  • Environment Protection
  • Government Regulations

Human Right

We adopt BSCI's unified and common procedures to monitor, supervise, and develop corporate social responsibility performance iincludes: compliance with the law, respect for freedom and collective bargaining rights, prohibition of discrimination, forced labor and child labor, and attention to the public Safety and environmental issues of the site.We are also committed to extending the spirit of the corporate social responsibility policy to our supplier partners.

Environment Protection

In order to promote and execute Environmental Protection, we Implement the ISO 14001 environmental management system operation and continue to improve from time to time.
We actively promote various waste reduction and recycling projects to reduce pollution emissions. Introduce green raw materials and environmentally friendly process technology, and establish a hazardous substance management system to improve the environmental protection attributes of the production process and products.

Government Regulations

We always follow government regulations, relevant industry norms and international standards to ensure the quality of products and services. There is no deception, misleading or any other behavior that damages consumer rights. The transfer of expertise and skills is carried out in an appropriate manner under the protection of intellectual property rights. The corporate social responsibility information is fully disclosed in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in order to enhance information transparency. We are committed to fully integrating corporate social responsibility policies into various operational levels.